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5 Tips to Make the Most out of Your Trip to the Holy Land


Visiting the Holy Land can be overwhelming. You’re not sure what to expect, and there’s so much to see in so little time! Below we share some tips that pilgrims say have helped them take advantage of this special, once-in-a-lifetime journey. 

1. Do your homework.

We recommend reading In the Footprints of Our Faith before you visit the Holy Land – it provides a fantastic historical summary of the Holy Sites. When you’re in the Holy Land – and if you have time on the night before – read the New Testament passages related to the sites you’ll visit the next day, so you’ll have them fresh in mind when you visit. 

2. Get into pilgrim mindset.

Don’t expect everything to be comfortable. You’ve come to the Holy Land to reconnect with some of the hardest questions of life. It’s not going to be easy. There may be long lines, burning sun, hard walking–but it will be worth it. Because this is the place where God touched the earth. 

3. Don’t try to capture everything on camera.

When you visit a Holy Site, live it. Experience it. Pray. And then take photos. Don’t get caught up in trying to take a photo of every single place you’ve been. Remember, you want to bring back a meaningful experience with you of the Holy Places. 

4. Bring a small New Testament.

You can download the ebook In the Footprints of Our Faith on your phone, but people tell us that nothing beats having a Gospel with you that is a translation you’re familiar with. See if you can find a pocket Gospel like that to take with you on your trip.

5. Afterwards, re-read and revisit.

After visiting a Holy Site, pilgrims have told us that they get a lot out of re-reading the corresponding chapter in Footprints, or in the Bible. Now that you’ve been to the places and can actually visualize them, you’ll read those chapters in a whole new light. 

We hope these tips help! If you have any tips that you found helpful when visiting the Holy Land, we’d love to hear about it here.

Remember – it only takes a week to visit the Holy Land, but living it – truly living it – lasts a lifetime. 

Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash.

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