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Share your experience
  • Innanzitutto sono rimasto molto colpito dalla completezza e dalla chiarezza espositiva dei contenuti biblici. Soprattutto al termine di un pellegrinaggio il Visitor Center offre una serie di strumenti per una sintesi del cammino percorso.
    Strumenti tecnologici d’avanguardia permettono di riprendere, secondo un percorso teologicamente studiato, il cammino appena percorso per approfondire e puntualizzare il messaggio evangelico contestualizzato nel tempo e nella geografia.
    Veramente utile e prezioso mancava in Terra Santa un centro così attrezzato e aggiornato per accompagnare il pellegrino nella comprensione delle Scritture in riferimento a Cristo.
    Si pone a servizio dell’annuncio della Buona Notizia del Vangelo dove il Verbo si è fatto carne e dove continua ad abitare in mezzo a noi anche nei Sacramenti. Per questo trovo davvero bella la Cappella e la possibilità delle confessioni.
    Spero si possa presto inaugurare ed aprire al vasto numero di pellegrini di tutto il mondo. Sarà un ottimo strumento per le guide di Terra Santa.
    Grazie ancora per l’accoglienza!
    Fr. Francesco Ielpo, Italy
  • Me ha encantado el tour! Realmente ayuda a entender todo lo que hemos visto en Tierra Santa con mayor profundidad. Excelente lugar para recoger todo lo vivido.

    Lucía, México
  • It’s really good to have a place where we can be received as Christians and have a lot of the history and tours and directions, and see how to optimize our stay in the Holy Land, so very great, very warm place with a lot of history.

    Pedro, Brazil
  • I love the timeline at the beginning. I think everyone who comes to the Holy Land should go there first, so you get a context not just of Christian history but also world history. And after doing you’ll be able to better understand and appreciate everything that you see in the Holy Land.

    Alvaro, Washington, USA
  • I’m not a Christian, but I think this is a very good place, even for atheists, to learn a little of the history of the Holy Land. The Visitor Center is It’s very complete in the sense that we can learn about the political organization and the Jews that lived here in that time – this general information is very good for someone who’s not a Christian – you can take a lot away without being Christian.

    Thomas, Brazil
  • It should be the first or the last stop of groups, because it can be your introduction to the Holy Land and of what you’re going to see, or, if you come at the very end when you’ve seen everything, it ties everything together.

    Hussam, tour guide, Nazareth
  • Fantastic multimedia experience that helps understand the history, geography and geometry of the Holy Land and Holy Sites.

    Joel, United Kingdom
  • My first impression of the Visitor Center has been surprise for the building: for its beauty and the care behind it, which is very important, but also that when you look at everything you begin to understand many things that you have already learned but that you may now comprehend. Every word of the Scriptures has a sense and to begin a pilgrimage here is to set the perspective of it in a different way.

    Maricarmen, Spain
  • Here in Saxum, there is a very international vision of what the Holy Land is because there is always an encounter of people from all over the world and it’s great to give a universal point view of this place.

    Marie Anne, Belgium
  • It seems incredible that Saint Josemaría’s dream is now a reality. This is not just another project or another place for pilgrims, but a greater vision of something that touches not only the heart but also the mind. Saxum is not only a house, but a formation and a perception of Christianity that is given and will be given to hundreds of people of all races, all religions and always with an openness for all and with an enormous respect for freedom.

    Maria, France
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