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Benedictine Monastery of Abu Gosh


The Abbey of St. Mary of the Resurrection, also known as the Church of the Resurrection or the Crusaders, is a monastery located in the town of Abu Gosh, very close to the Saxum Visitor Center. It rises above an ancient spring where, in Roman times, a small dam was built.

During the 12th century, the Crusaders built “the Resurrection” Church since the village where it is situated was interpreted as the “Emmaus” mentioned in the Gospel of St. Luke – the place where Jesus Christ appeared for the first time after his Resurrection (Lk. 24). It should be noted that other traditions place Emmaus in different geographical locations. From the Crusader period remains can still be found of the beautiful frescoes that adorn the temple. In 1187 the Crusaders were expelled from the town by Saladin and the church was occupied by Muslims and converted into an inn.

Many centuries later, close to the 20th century, the reconstructed building was renovated and a monastery was founded. The French state bought the church and today it is run by a French Benedictine community. Many people of all religions visit the church where you can appreciate and admire the remains of the frescoes that adorned it. They also enjoy witnessing the recitation of the divine office and the liturgy beautifully sung by the religious.


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