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Agreement of collaboration with El Al Airlines


On Sunday June, 21st we had a meeting with the representatives of the airline El Al Israel. We met with the President and CEO of El Al, David Maimon, the Deputy Director of International Relations, Stanley Morais, the Vice President of Trade and Institutional Affairs, Shali Zahavi and with the director of International Relations, Daniel Stapleton to sign an agreement of collaboration between Saxum and El Al.

First of all, the Deputy Director of International Relations, Stanley de Morais, thanked our presence and assured the intentions of El Al of collaborating with Saxum and working hand by hand with the intention of bringing more pilgrims to visit the land of Jesus.

Shortly after the President of El Al, David Maimon, offered a few words where he reaffirmed the intentions of working together and to strengthen the relations to achieve a common goal: be able to bring more pilgrims to visit the Holy Land. He also showed interest in the possibilities that a project like Saxum can bring to this land. Then the Secretary General of Saxum Foundation, Antonio Quintana, appreciated the interest showed and briefly explained the project as well as it’s main goal: to bring closer the figure of Jesus to the pilgrims so they may know him better and therefore improve their life and the life of others.

Later on some possibilities of new collaborations in the future were discussed and then proceeded to sign the agreement in which El Al Israel and Saxum Foundation expressed their desire to work alongside and strengthen their relationship.
In Saxum we are very pleased this agreement because it means to enhance relationships that will allow people to come from all around the world and follow the footsteps of Jesus.
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