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Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel


Many people heard of our Lady of Mt. Carmel, whose feast is celebrated July 16, but not many know where she is.

The city of Haifa, in northern Israel, sprawls over the small mountain range of Mt. Carmel, which ends in the Mediterranean Sea. On one of the peaks overlooking the sea is the Carmelite sanctuary of Stella Maris, home to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

Wear on your breast the holy scapular of Carmel.
There are many excellent Marian devotions, but few are as
deep-rooted among the faithful and so richly blessed by the
Popes. Besides, how motherly is the Sabbatine privilege!

– St. Josemaria, The Way, no. 500

Each year, the Christians of Haifa celebrate our Lady of Mt. Carmel with Masses, novenas, and processions. Read about last year’s celebration here.

Learn more about the sanctuary and the history of the scapular and the Carmelites here.

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