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Donate to Friends of Saxum

Or you can make a donation by WIRE TRANSFER:

Please, fill in the form below before ordering the transfer. Then, take note of the data to order it. 

Bank: Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, s.p.a.

Beneficiary: Saxum International Foundation
Address:  Via Sicilia, 203. 00187 ROMA (ITALIA)
IBAN: IT 06 Q 01030 03301 000000530310
Concept: Contributi per le finalità istituzionali.

Address Beneficiary “Saxum International Foundation”
Via Torquato Taramelli, 30 00197 Rome (Italy)

For every transfer, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you send an email
to with the following information: Date of the transfer, Amount and currency of the transfer and the Name and Address of the Donor (for the official record).
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