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What is a Friend of Saxum?

“Friends of Saxum” was born to make the initiatives of the Saxum Project reach every corner of the world. It invites those who helped in the project’s fundraising to continue their support, and encourages those just learning about Saxum to collaborate with us

Become a Friend of Saxum

What Is A Friend Of Saxum?

“Friends of Saxum” is a program of the Saxum Foundation that shares its mission and general vision: to get as many people as possible to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in a spirit of prayer and penance, and to help make their stay here a motive for interior renewal.

With a spirit of service, “Friends of Saxum” wishes to promote visits to the Holy Land for studies, research, and pilgrimages, while helping and participating with other associations and institutions with similar objectives to develop these types of activities.

A “Friend of Saxum” shares the vision and ideals of the Saxum Project and wishes to collaborate in its development and growth. A Friend of Saxum is convinced of the great personal impact that a trip to the Holy Land has, and therefore wishes to promote and leverage such an experience in their own country.


The main mission is to make the Saxum Project and the Holy Land known.

In this context, the Saxum Visitor Center will lend assistance to the organizers of the pilgrimages who share the following fundamental objectives:

a) To promote the knowledge and use of the Saxum Visitor Center (and of its spiritual and cultural services) leading to its inclusion in trip programs organized by diverse entities.

b) To create and spread media that will help transform a pilgrimage into a personal encounter with Christ:

  • selection of the gospel passages related with the Holy Places
  • explanatory videos that will help place the visited locations in a historic, cultural, and religious context. They will serve as a remote preparation for pilgrims before they leave for the Holy Land, or as an immediate preparation placed in hostels and hotels.
  • editorials with explanations of the Holy Places (such as “Huellas de nuestra fe”), as well as texts for personal prayer.

How Can I Collaborate As Friend Of Saxum?

The Friends of Saxum may collaborate in different ways:

  • With prayer, especially, which is the most valuable contribution.
  • With voluntary donations that would be used for both the maintenance of the Saxum Visitor Center and for helping people with limited resources visit the Holy Land.
  • By promoting the pilgrimages from every corner of the world.
  • By spreading knowledge of the existence of the Saxum Visitor Center to other pilgrimage organizers in their city and country so that they are aware of this new instrument of service.
  • By producing media (such as texts, videos, etc.) that will help enhance the significance of pilgrimages.
  • By making fellow citizens aware of the importance that the Holy Places hold for every believer, as well as the actual situation of the Christians in the Holy Land—living stones of the Church.
  • By collaborating in social or educational activities created in cooperation with Saxum in favor of the Christians of the Holy Land.

What Do The Friends Of Saxum Receive?

The Friends of Saxum receive a letter every three months in which they are informed of the development of the activities and events in which the Friends of Saxum participate.They also receive help for organizing pilgrimages or informative reunions about the Holy Land and Saxum. Of course, they will count on our special prayers for them and their families in the Holy Places.

Please, visit our resources and Saxum Advisor sections to get all the help and support needed

Become a Friend of Saxum

Become a Friend of Saxum

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