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What is Holy Land Dialogues?

Convinced that the land of Jesus can transform the hearts of those who visit it, Saxum Foundation has launched Holy Land Dialogues, a series of annual lectures created in collaboration with the Social Trends Institute.

Holy Land Dialogues is a one-week pilgrimage like no other. With an international spirit that encourages people from the whole world to sign up, HLD combines the visits to all of the Holy Sites with academic lectures given by experts, with the aim of fostering intercultural and interreligious dialogue in the Holy Land.

An unforgettable week in the Holy Land

HLD includes visits to the main places and routes in the life of Jesus, making sure there is enough time for prayer and reflection at all the sites.

The pilgrims also make a stop at the Saxum Visitor Center which will give them geographical, historical and Biblical context of the Holy Land through state-of-the-art technology.


STI (Social Trends Institute) is a center that seeks to make sense of emerging social trends and their effects on contemporary society. The institute is responsible for the program and content of the HLD conferences, ensuring the participation of relevant personalities in the subject. The conferences are developed in a format of dialogue allowing the participants to know the current realities and problems, connected with their historical background.

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