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In the Footprints of Our Faith: 3rd Edition


The third edition of “In the Footprints of Our Faith” by Jesús Gil and Eduardo Gil, an eye-opening guide to the Christian holy places, is now available online.

We are delighted to announce the publishing of the third edition of “In the Footprints of Our Faith” by Jesús Gil and Eduardo Gil. With over 5,000 downloads of the previous two editions on the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Books alone, the third edition offers yet a more in-depth look into the history of the Christian holy places. Available in two different versions differentiated by two different covers, the extended version includes details and photographs of the pilgrimage of Blessed Álvaro del Portillo to the Holy Land in 1994.

With research taken from a variety of sources such as historical records, archaeological data and the traditions and liturgy of the Church, the third edition of “In the Footprints of Our Faith” allows readers to explore the 26 main places of the Holy Land with new insight into the life of Christ. In understanding the reason behind the places every pilgrim visits through the addition of spiritual commentaries, the reader is able to grasp a deeper knowledge of where Jesus lived. Thus the authors suggest that through knowing Christ more we are able to develop a greater love for him.

In addition, the third edition contains three important new features: a chapter on the place of Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River; various graphics on the tomb of Jesus and the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher; and annexes with the liturgies of the renewals the promises of baptism, marriage and the priesthood, which can be used at the corresponding holy site.

We are already working on the release of the fourth edition, expected for the spring of 2020, which will contain a new chapter on the pool of Bethesda, the church of St. Anne and updated photographs. Also, with the help of volunteers, we are preparing translations into Portuguese, Polish and Korean.

Click here to find out where you can download the book.

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