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Saxum Foundation’s Board Welcomes New Members


This year, the board of Saxum Foundation welcomed several new members.

Linda Corbi, who has worked for years with international NGOs such as Harambee, has been named Secretary General  and will work to spread the word about the Saxum Visitor Center and promote the “Friends of Saxum” program around the world. She will be at the disposal of the Saxum Advisors to make the necessary travels for this purpose.

Carla Vasallo has been appointed vice-president, and Florencia Carloni and Javier Gazulla join her as two other new members of the board.

Alfonso Alegiani remains president and Luis Martin, treasurer. Antonio Quintana will continue to serve as a consultant for Saxum Foundation.

The entire board was involved in the second Holy Land Dialogues, meeting participants – many of whom are already Friends of Saxum – and discussing what can be done to promote the Holy Land around the world and to help Saxum grow.

For any questions, or suggestions on what you can do for the Holy Land or Saxum from your country, please write us at info@localhost.

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