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Saxum Timeline


Saxum’s timeline picks up the main facts of the History of Salvation situating the spectator in the New and Old Testament in both time and space. The panels that form the timeline relate the main episodes of the chosen people with the most important historic events. Besides, the most significant prophecies connected with the Lord’s life appear with their corresponding place and quote of the New Testament.

The timeline takes up the years before Abraham up to the birth of the Savior, especially featuring the period after Moses. This way, the visitor may create a narrated dialogue between the Old and New Testament.

The map that covers the whole first floor of the Saxum Visitor Center completes the experience. Over the stone floor of Jerusalem, a great engraved map takes up from the delta of the Nile up to the East Desert, and from the Tiro in the north to the south of the Arabic Peninsula. Over this map, the routes and places of two great patriarchs of Israel (Abraham, Moses) and Jesus Christ are overlapped.

With the combination of the Timeline and the stone map placed in Saxum, the visitor may easily locate the places where Jesus stood and relate them with the prophetic verses or events collected in the Old and New Testament.

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