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Setting out on the Emmaus Trail


Saxum has some exciting news for you about progress on the Emmaus Trail!

The Emmaus Trail, an 18km hike which begins at the Saxum Visitor Center and ends at Emmaus Nicopolis, gives pilgrims the chance to walk the path where one tradition says the two disciples of Emmaus met the Risen Christ, as described in Luke 24:23-32. We have two pieces of news to share about progress being made on our project of marking the path of the trail, promoted by the Saxum Foundation, Ministry of Tourism of Israel and Jewish National Fund (KKL).

Firstly, we had the placing of the Dedicatory Stone at the start of the trail. The stone reads:

Emmaus Trail
Bloomfield Peace Path
In honor of the Jewish and Christian pilgrims 
who walked this path to Jerusalem and Emmaus-Nicopolis 
in search of peace

Although more signposts are still being put up to finish marking the trail, those who wish to now have a clear starting point to begin their adventure to Emmaus.

Also, last month the first ever pilgrim group included hiking the Emmaus Trail as part of their pilgrimage. The group led by Jorge, one of our Saxum Advisors from Spain, hiked from the morning for 5 hours, in addition to having a tour of the Saxum Visitor Center. Following in their footsteps, the next week an Argentinian family also hiked the trail on their pilgrimage to the Holy Land. While we wait for the completion of the trail, there are some applications which make it possible to view a map of the trail while walking or cycling, namely “Wikilocs” and “GPSies“. We hope more and more groups are encouraged to include this Biblical journey on their pilgrimage itineraries! Check out photos from the first groups below.

You can find out more information about the Emmaus Trail on our website here.

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