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The Insult (2017): a story about forgiveness


The Insult is not an easy film to see or understand. But it may help you, just a little bit, to understand the conflict that pervades this region, through the beautiful story that it tells.

Tony is a Lebanese Christian who gets into a fight with Yasser, a Palestinian Muslim refugee. Tony yells an insult at Yasser so terrible that their battle gets taken to court, provoking country-wide protests and endangering their families (this is a fictional story based on real-life tensions). You’ll have to watch the movie to find out just what that insult is!

At its essence, it’s a story about two men with hard pasts who are only able to forgive one another once they realize that the other has suffered, too. By the end of the film, you realize that if you spend all your time thinking about the wrongs that you have suffered, you will lose sight of the fact that the one across from you has suffered unspeakable things, too. 

The Insult is a lesson about the beauty and power of forgiveness in a country more used to resentment than pardon, and gives one hope that in the darkest of conflicts, humanity will shine through. Watch it on Amazon Prime here.

– Gabriela, Saxum staff

This is a series of articles about forgiveness in preparation for Holy Land Dialogues 2020, whose theme is “Understanding Cultures, Understanding People: Forgiveness”. 


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