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Is the Visitor Center already open?

The Visitor Center is already open for visits but it still has some details to be finished, like the café or the chapel, that still can’t be used.

I’m going on a pilgrimage and would like to include the Visitor Center in my itinerary, what do I have to do?

If you are organizing the pilgrimage on your own, book your visit by sending an email to info@localhost. If your visit is organized by an agency, you could ask them to contact us directly.

What parts of Saxum can I visit?

The Visitor Center will be open for the general public. However, the Conference Center is reserved for activities for closed groups which is why this section is not open for visiting.

How many people can come to the Visitor Center?

The ideal number is a group of 45 people, so they may take all the tour and see all the content comfortably. If your group is larger, contact us on our email account.

How long does the Multimedia Tour of the Visitor Center last?

The tour takes around an hour an a half to fully take advantage of it.

Are there Masses at the Visitor Center?

The Masses can be celebrated if the group is accompanied by a Priest since the Visitor Center does not have its own chaplain.

Can I receive Confession at the Visitor Center?

The confessionals are at the disposal of the visitors. However, they must be accompanied by a priest.

Can I sign up for an activity in the Conference Center?

The Saxum Visitor Center is not in charge of planning of the activities that take place in the Conference Center. The activities are planned by Opus Dei centers around the world. You can ask for this information in your city’s center.

I’m participating in one of the Conference Center’s activities and I have some questions. Whom should I ask?

Contact the person in charge of the group you’re travelling with.

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