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Unfortunately, we are closed to the public due to the lockdown situation.

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The Saxum Visitor Center helps pilgrims to deepen their knowledge of the Holy Land through different multimedia resources in order to enrich each person’s Holy Land experience.

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Visiting the Holy Land

Saxum wishes to make a pilgrim’s visit to the Holy Land more memorable. Here are some digital resources to help you prepare for the trip.

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Emmaus Trail

The Emmaus Trail is an initiative of the Saxum Foundation, the Ministry of Tourism of Israel, and the Jewish National Fund (KKL). Beginning at the Saxum Visitor Center and ending at Emmaus Nicopolis, the trail is 18 km (11 miles) and is not difficult.

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Latest News

“A challenge to make us stronger”

  Bassem Giacaman, like Jesus, was born in Bethlehem, although he moved to New Zealand with his family when he was very young. They left due to the difficult situation many people faced in the Holy Land. They went looking for a better life abroad. One day, Bassem’s father asked him if he could go […]

“If the world has one home, it is the Holy Sepulchre”

The Holy Sepulchre is probably the most fascinating site of the Holy Land. However, many tourists and pilgrims get the impression of a very chaotic and crowded place, with people shouting, pushing, and where it is difficult to find a moment of silence to meditate.  

“It has hit me in a personal and spiritual way”

My name is Alejandra Hernández. I’m from Guatemala. This adventure began for me in November 2019 and I was really excited about it. At first I wasn’t able to foresee the size of all what was awaiting me.

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