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Saxum Foundation

Saxum International Foundation is a nonprofit organization registered in Italy. In collaboration with the Association for Cultural Interchange, it is responsible for the fundraising of Saxum’s construction and development.

Executive Committee:

President: Alfonso Alegiani
Vice President: Carla Vasallo
Treasurer: Luis Martín
General Secretary: Rosalinda Corbi
Officer: Florencia Carloni
Officer: Javier Gazulla
Consultant: Antonio Quintana

Visitor Center Director: Almudena Romero

Official Documents:

Saxum Foundation is registered in Via Torquato Taramelli n.30, 00197 Rome, CF 97755970585, according to the Italian State legislation.

Legal Recognition
Annual Report 2014 ( Printable version | Digital version )
Annual Report 2015 ( Printable version | Digital version | Issue version )
Annual Report 2016 ( Printable version | Digital version | Issue version )


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