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A path from Abu Ghosh to Emmaus

In the Gospel of Luke, the road to Emmaus is a gateway to the annunciation of the Gospel, just as Emmaus itself is a gate that opens Jerusalem and Judea to the coastal plain of the Gentiles.
Following the steps of Cleopas, the disciple, hikers could travel the 30km. that separate Jerusalem from Emmaus Nicopolis. Yet, given its long distance, it may be difficult to fit the trail into a pilgrimage schedule.
This is why we suggest a shorter journey that starts in the Saxum Visitor Center. The trip to Emmaus Nicopolis, which is the Emmaus that Luke refers to, is a 18 km walk that takes up around 4 or 5 hours and can easily fit into any itinerary.

Visit, walk… and pray

The Emmaus Trail is another opportunity for the pilgrim to have an encounter with Jesus in the same way in which the disciples did. Hiking the trail is an experience where the modern traveler is allowed the chance to dive back into a Biblical episode and relive it on their own. Adding it to a trip plan could add another value to a pilgrimage, leaving time to consider and reflect on everything else that has been lived throughout the trip. The Saxum Visitor Center offers facts, quotes and special considerations that will help visitors get truly immersed in the Gospel. The Polis Institute of Languages and Humanities of Jerusalem is in charge of providing the theological, historical and geographical content that will make this possible.

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