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Here you may find some material that could help you promote Saxum and the Holy Land between your friends and colleagues. If you would like more material to help you prepare for your pilgrimage, go to our Visit page.

The “It Happened Here” Video Series

The Friends of Saxum receive exclusive videos explaining some of the most important Holy Places and the events that took place there. If you would like to receive this content before it’s published on our site, sign up as a Friend.

It Happened Here #1: The Night of Holy Thursday

It Happened Here #2: Pentecost


What is a Friend of Saxum?

The Emmaus Trail

Holy Land Dialogues 2016

A Dream Come True: Saxum's Beginnings (2016)

What will the Saxum Visitor Center be? 1/2 (2016)

What will the Saxum Visitor Center be? 2/2 (2016)

Saxum Visitor Center | Promotional Video

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